We Robot 2021 Preliminary Program

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Thurs. Sept. 23 Workshop ScheduleWhatWho
11:00-12:00Here Be Robots:
The panel will discuss basic technical concepts underpinning the latest developments in AI and robotics.
Bill Smart
Cindy Grimm
1:00-2:30if(goingToTurnEvil), {don’t();}: Creating Legal Rules for Robots
A lawyer, a roboticist, and a sociologist (or other discipline) walk into a bar…to form multidisciplinary teams attempting to craft or tear apart hypothetical legislation. This experiential session combines law, robotics, drones, and networking.
Evan Selinger
Woody Hartzog
2:30-3:00Break & Breakouts
Finding your Path, Your People, and Your Conference Program--Networking Break
Take a break, or join one of the following networking sessions:
1. How to do interdisciplinary research in this space
2. What do I want to be when I grow up?
3. Welcome to We Robot for newbies
Ryan Calo
Sue Glueck
Kristen Thomasen
3:00-4:00Why Call Them Robots? 100 Years of R.U.R.
The panel will discuss multidisciplinary perspectives on R.U.R., the 1920 sci-fi play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek. "R.U.R." stands for Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti.
Robin Murphy and Joanne Pransky
4:15-5:30I’ll Take Robot Geeks for $1000, Alex: An Afternoon of Robot Trivia
Light appetizers and beverages will be provided.
Jason Millar
Woody Hartzog


Friday, Sept. 24 ScheduleDay One EventsDiscussant
8:30-9:30Check-in & Breakfast
9:30-10:00Welcome and IntroductionsMichael Froomkin (& more)
10:00-11:00The Legal Construction of Black Boxes: How Machine Learning Practice Informs Foreseeability
Elizabeth Kumar, Andrew Selbst, and Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Ryan Calo
11:30-12:30Being “Seen” vs. “Unseen”: Tensions Between Privacy and Fairness in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation
Alice Xiang
Daniel Susser
12:30-12:45Lightning Poster Session & Announcements
1:45-3:15Field Robotics Panel
Moderator: Edward Tunstel
3:45-4:45Social Robots and Children’s Fundamental Rights: A Dynamic Four-Component Framework for Research, Development, and Policy
Vicky Charisi, Urs Gasser, Randy Gomez, and Selma Šabanović
Veronica Ahumada-Newhart
5:15-6:15Bias in Contract Prediction: A Case Study of GPT-3
Noam Kolt
Meg Mitchell
6:15-7:15Poster Session & Reception
  • Maria P. Angel
    Privacy’s Algorithmic Turn: An Intellectual History

  • Clinton Castro, David O'Brien and Ben Schwan,
    Egalitarian Machine Learning

  • Mark Juszczak,
    Exploring Robotic Technologies to Mediate and Reduce Risk in Domestic Violence

  • Catherine McWhorter,
    Examining Correlations between Human Empathy and Vicbots

  • Robin Murphy, Paula Dewitte, Jason Moats, Angela Clendenin, Vignesh Gandudi, Henry Arendes and Shawn Abraham,
    Reported Ethical Concerns Over Use of Robots for COVID-19 and Recommendations for Responsible Innovation for Future Pandemics

  • Beatrice Panattoni,
    Artificial Intelligence: The Challenges For Criminal Law In Facing The Passage From Technological Automation To Artificial Autonomy

  • Jimin Rhim, Cheng Lin and Ajung Moon,
    The R2D2 (Roboethics To Design & Development) Competition: Translating Moral Values Into Practice

  • Shalaleh Rismani and Ajung Moon
    How Do AI Systems Fail Socially? Social Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • John Sullins, Sean Dougherty, Vivek Nallur and Ken Bell
    Nudging Robot Engineers To Do Good: Developing Standards for Ethical AI and Robot Nudges

7:45-9:45Conference DinnerCourtyard Marriott Coconut Grove


Saturday Sept. 25 ScheduleDay Two EventsDiscussant
9:00-10:00Registration and Breakfast
10:00-11:00Debunking Robot Rights: Metaphysically, Ethically and Legally
Abeba Birhane, Jelle van Dijk, and Frank Pasquale
Deb Raji
11:30-12:30Autonomous Vehicles as Public Infrastructure: Building an “AV Development Index” for Tomorrow’s Cities
Roel Dobbe and Thomas Gilbert
Madeline Elish
1:30-2:30Driving Into the Loop: Mapping Automation Bias & Liability Issues for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Jason Millar, Ajung Moon, Shalaleh Rismani, and Katie Szilagyi
Meg Leta Jones
3:00-4:00Discrimination as a Cybernetic System Accident
Marc Canellas
Cynthia Khoo
4:30-5:30Health Robotics Panel
Moderator: Michelle Johnson
5:30-5:45Summary & Conclusion


Societal Implications of Large Language Models
Miles Brundage

Skills from Students – Artifacts from a Robot Interaction Design Curriculum for Fifth Grade Students
Daniella DiPaola

We also plan some surprises!

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