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We Robot 2021 Will Have Terrific Papers & Demos

We Robot 2021 is proud to announce the list of accepted papers for our September 24 & 25 meeting days (the 23rd will be our Workshop day – details soon). These papers survived a rigorous double-blind review process, and represent less than 15% of the submissions we received. Sadly, many very good papers got turned away. Happily, we can look forward to these:

Debunking Robot Rights: Metaphysically, Ethically and Legally
Abeba Birhane, Jelle van Dijk, and Frank Pasquale

Discrimination as a Cybernetic System Accident
Marc Canellas

Social Robots and Children’s Fundamental Rights: A Dynamic Four-Component Framework for Research, Development, and Policy
Vicky Charisi, Urs Gasser, Randy Gomez, and Selma Šabanović

Autonomous Vehicles as Public Infrastructure: Building an “AV Development Index” for Tomorrow’s Cities
Roel Dobbe and Thomas Gilbert

Bias in Contract Prediction: A Case Study of GPT-3
Noam Kolt

The Legal Construction of Black Boxes: How Machine Learning Practice Informs Foreseeability
I. Elizabeth Kumar, Andrew Selbst, and Suresh Venkatasubramanian

Driving Into the Loop: Mapping Automation Bias & Liability Issues for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Jason Millar, Ajung Moon, Shalaleh Rismani, and Katie Szilagyi

Being “Seen” vs. “Unseen”: Tensions Between Privacy and Fairness in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation
Alice Xiang

Field Robotics Panel

  • Robots in the Ocean, Annie Brett
  • Smart Farming versus Traditional Knowledge: Mapping the Impacts of AI Automation on East African Smallholder Female Farmers, Jeremy de Beer, Laura Foster, Chidi Oguamanam, Katie Szilagyi, and Angeline Wairegi
  • On the Practicalities of Robots in Public Spaces, Cindy Grimm, Bill Smart, and Kristen Thomasen

Health Panel

  • Somebody That I Used to Know: The Risks of Personalizing Robots for Dementia Care, Sharon Banh, Soyon Kim, Alyssa Kubota, Maryam Pourebadi, and Laurel D. Riek
  • Diverse Patient Perspectives on the Role of AI and Big Data in Healthcare, Kelly Bergstrand, Jess Findley, Christopher Robertson, Marv Slepian, and Andrew Woods
  • Prescribing Discrimination, Krista Kennedy and Charlotte Tschider


Societal Implications of Large Language Models
Miles Brundage

Skills from Students – Artifacts from a Robot Interaction Design Curriculum for Fifth Grade Students
Daniella Ditaola


Please note that we are accepting proposals for posters on a rolling basis until June 1.

We anticipate announcing the form of the conference — in person, virtual, or blended — in early July, so watch this space.  We will also announce a tentative program schedule once we sort out a few logistics…


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We Robot Paper Submission Deadline Extended One Week

Everyone says it’s harder to get things done under COVID, so we’re extending the deadline for submission of paper abstracts to We Robot 2021 by one week – to midnight US East Coast time on February 8, 2021.

We will attempt to keep to the rest of the schedule, but paper acceptance notices may end up slightly delayed also.

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