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We Robot 2021 Preliminary Program

Join us in person for the 10th Anniversary Edition – Register Here
All times are US Eastern time.

NOTE: Check the Program page for up-to-date information.

Thurs. Sept. 23 Workshop ScheduleWhatWho
11:00-12:00Here Be Robots:
The panel will discuss basic technical concepts underpinning the latest developments in AI and robotics.
Bill Smart
Cindy Grimm
1:00-2:30if(goingToTurnEvil), {don’t();}: Creating Legal Rules for Robots
A lawyer, a roboticist, and a sociologist (or other discipline) walk into a bar…to form multidisciplinary teams attempting to craft or tear apart hypothetical legislation. This experiential session combines law, robotics, drones, and networking.
Evan Selinger
Woody Hartzog
2:30-3:00Break & Breakouts
Finding your Path, Your People, and Your Conference Program--Networking Break
Take a break, or join one of the following networking sessions:
1. How to do interdisciplinary research in this space
2. What do I want to be when I grow up?
3. Welcome to We Robot for newbies
Ryan Calo
Sue Glueck
Kristen Thomasen
3:00-4:00Why Call Them Robots? 100 Years of R.U.R.
The panel will discuss multidisciplinary perspectives on R.U.R., the 1920 sci-fi play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek. "R.U.R." stands for Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti.
Robin Murphy and Joanne Pransky
4:15-5:30I’ll Take Robot Geeks for $1000, Alex: An Afternoon of Robot Trivia
Light appetizers and beverages will be provided.
Jason Millar
Woody Hartzog


Friday, Sept. 24 ScheduleDay One EventsDiscussant
8:30-9:30Check-in & Breakfast
9:30-10:00Welcome and IntroductionsMichael Froomkin (& more)
10:00-11:00The Legal Construction of Black Boxes: How Machine Learning Practice Informs Foreseeability
Elizabeth Kumar, Andrew Selbst, and Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Ryan Calo
11:30-12:30Being “Seen” vs. “Unseen”: Tensions Between Privacy and Fairness in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation
Alice Xiang
Daniel Susser
12:30-12:45Lightning Poster Session & Announcements
1:45-3:15Field Robotics Panel
Moderator: Edward Tunstel
3:45-4:45Social Robots and Children’s Fundamental Rights: A Dynamic Four-Component Framework for Research, Development, and Policy
Vicky Charisi, Urs Gasser, Randy Gomez, and Selma Šabanović
Veronica Ahumada-Newhart
5:15-6:15Bias in Contract Prediction: A Case Study of GPT-3
Noam Kolt
Meg Mitchell
6:15-7:15Poster Session & Reception
  • Maria P. Angel
    Privacy’s Algorithmic Turn: An Intellectual History

  • Clinton Castro, David O'Brien and Ben Schwan,
    Egalitarian Machine Learning

  • Mark Juszczak,
    Exploring Robotic Technologies to Mediate and Reduce Risk in Domestic Violence

  • Catherine McWhorter,
    Examining Correlations between Human Empathy and Vicbots

  • Robin Murphy, Paula Dewitte, Jason Moats, Angela Clendenin, Vignesh Gandudi, Henry Arendes and Shawn Abraham,
    Reported Ethical Concerns Over Use of Robots for COVID-19 and Recommendations for Responsible Innovation for Future Pandemics

  • Beatrice Panattoni,
    Artificial Intelligence: The Challenges For Criminal Law In Facing The Passage From Technological Automation To Artificial Autonomy

  • Jimin Rhim, Cheng Lin and Ajung Moon,
    The R2D2 (Roboethics To Design & Development) Competition: Translating Moral Values Into Practice

  • Shalaleh Rismani and Ajung Moon
    How Do AI Systems Fail Socially? Social Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • John Sullins, Sean Dougherty, Vivek Nallur and Ken Bell
    Nudging Robot Engineers To Do Good: Developing Standards for Ethical AI and Robot Nudges

7:45-9:45Conference DinnerCourtyard Marriott Coconut Grove


Saturday Sept. 25 ScheduleDay Two EventsDiscussant
9:00-10:00Registration and Breakfast
10:00-11:00Debunking Robot Rights: Metaphysically, Ethically and Legally
Abeba Birhane, Jelle van Dijk, and Frank Pasquale
Deb Raji
11:30-12:30Autonomous Vehicles as Public Infrastructure: Building an “AV Development Index” for Tomorrow’s Cities
Roel Dobbe and Thomas Gilbert
Madeline Elish
1:30-2:30Driving Into the Loop: Mapping Automation Bias & Liability Issues for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Jason Millar, Ajung Moon, Shalaleh Rismani, and Katie Szilagyi
Meg Leta Jones
3:00-4:00Discrimination as a Cybernetic System Accident
Marc Canellas
Cynthia Khoo
4:30-5:30Health Robotics Panel
Moderator: Michelle Johnson
5:30-5:45Summary & Conclusion


Societal Implications of Large Language Models
Miles Brundage

Skills from Students – Artifacts from a Robot Interaction Design Curriculum for Fifth Grade Students
Daniella DiPaola

We also plan some surprises!

Note: For the latest updates keep an eye on the We Robot 2021 Program page

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Big News: We Robot 2021 Will Be Live & In Person — Register Now!

We’re delighted to announce that We Robot 2021 — our 10th anniversary edition — will be held live and in person at the University of Miami’s Newman Alumni Center. Workshops take place on September 23, and the main conference will be on Sept. 24-25. For the latest information about our terrific schedule see the We Robot 2021 Program page on this blog.

Admission to We Robot requires registration, and while there may be tickets at the door if space is available, we strongly advise advance registration as space will be limited due to the University of Miami’s requirement that seating respect its social distancing rules.

We are still accepting proposals for our Poster Session until July 15, 2021.

Starting with its first edition here in Miami, We Robot has sought — we think successfully — to create and encourage interdisciplinary conversations about robotics (and AI) law and policy. We now have a decade’s worth of success at evolving a common vocabulary and a body of work which includes bedrock scholarship for the rapidly expanding fields represented at the conference. We have fostered, and continue to foster connections between a diverse, international, and interdisciplinary group of scholars, ranging from graduate students to senior professors to persons in government and industry. And — not least — we’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

Given the circumstances, we anticipate having a lot of (careful) fun in September. Please join us!

We strongly advise that attendees be vaccinated against COVID-19, and we may require proof of a recent negative COVID test from persons who cannot demonstrate they have been vaccinated.  Masks may be required in the conference venue. Please monitor our website and the University of Miami’s COVID response page for the latest COVID-related information.

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